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Directorate of Technical Education & Training Directorate of Technical Education & Training Directorate of Technical Education & Training
 Director’s Message for the New Year - -   Print
The enclosed article on ‘Motivation’ was written on my request by Mr. Shanker Bhattacharjee, an expert in the field of management and personnel training. I would urge everybody to read that and think over the wisdom posited by it. Mr. Bhattacharjee, whom I have known for the last five years or so, is a great motivator of persons. More importantly, he has taken it up as the mantra of his life to educate and prepare young minds so that they can squarely face the vicissitudes of life.

I will add only a few more sentences to the points Mr. Bhattacharjee elucidated so very lucidly in his article. In our own sphere of polytechnic and vocational education, I personally feel that there is an urgent need of generating and sustaining motivation among the employees working in this system under the overall umbrella of the Department of Technical Education & Training, Government of West Bengal. Polytechnic and vocational education systems, in my personal opinion, can be the vehicle of growth for our entire state. What all we need to do is to follow the following four steps :

First, identify the disciplines/areas where education and training are to be imparted in tune with the present and future requirements.

Second, we must make the curriculum and the detailed course of study as per this requirement even making, if need be, a radical departure from the conventional and established norms and methods. Encouraging the students to think must constitute an essential ingredient of the syllabus.

Next, we must build up a pool of trained manpower in every sector who shall impart quality education/training to the students with greater emphasis laid on practical understanding of things and hands on experiences of tools, machines and procedures.

Finally, students are to be evaluated on a uniform scale based on their academic attainments where performance in theory papers shall not constitute more than one third the weightage given to the practical knowledge acquired by them ; the internal assessment marks should be based, to a large extent, on the propensity of the students to learn and his/her innovative thinking.

In doing all these, a genuinely sincere approach at revamping the present system is essential. For that again, a great sense of motivation must pervade all sections of teachers, staff and administration. In fact, motivation is the most important factor. If we all, wherever we are and in whichever capacity we are working, can truly motivate ourselves to rededicate ourselves to our duties and responsibilities, we can work wonders.

In a government system, motivation cannot be imposed or thrust upon from above. The attribute can only be acquired through self-introspection. A few questions like the following should be addressed to one’s own self :

Am I really doing justice to my assigned job ?
Am I sincerely carrying out my duties and responsibilities on a regular basis ?
Do I always keep the interest of the institute and the other larger interests above my own petty self-interest ?
Do I take care of all the instruments, articles and things of my institution as I care for my belongings at home ?
Do I consciously attempt all the while to be polite and humble and try to get along well with others ?
At the end of a day’s work, can I satisfactorily answer my conscience that I really tried to do my duties for the day honestly and diligently ?

If answer to any of the above questions is NO, even partly, then there is a strong need to motivate ourselves again. Remember, motivation, to a great extent, comes from gratefulness. We should be grateful to the society, and the public at large, that we have got the chance to serve in the government. It is our duty to pay back our debt. This sense of gratitude, once born within you, will motivate you forever.

On this New Year’s Day of 2010, let us solemnly take a pledge that we will rededicate ourselves to the cause of our society, our state and our country. Start believing in yourselves that the sincere work rendered by you in your own sphere shall also contribute towards the making of our nation!

Keep yourself motivated! Best wishes for a very happy new year.
Keep yourself motivated! Best wishes for a very happy new year.
 Technical Education System in West Bengal
The technical education system in the State has taken up the gauntlet to keep pace with the rapid advancements in the sphere of Science & Technology and in tune with the changes in the industrial scenario of West Bengal in particular and India in general. New courses are being introduced in the polytechnic education system based on demand of the industries.

Intake capacity in emerging disciplines has also been increased substantially. Industry Institute Interactions is being given top priority to forge better tie-up with Industries for employment of students. Initiative has been taken to facilitate training and placement activities through formation of Training and Placement Cell (TP Cell) in each polytechnic as well as in Directorate level. On a sustained effort, it has also been possible to increase girls'-participation in the technical education of the State. Special attention has been given on organizing programs for the students belonging to ST category. As a whole, the polytechnic education system has registered 42% growth in intake capacity of students since 2006.
The basic texture of research consists of dreams into which the threads of reasoning, measurement and calculations are woven.

-- Albert Sgent Gyorgy
To the engineer falls the work of creating from the dry bones of scientific fact the living body of industry. It is he whose intellect and direction bring to the world the comforts and necessities of daily life.Engineering is the profession of creation and construction, of stimulation of human effort and accomplishment.

-- Herbert Hoover
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